Gibson EB-5 String Bass for Dimension Pro (Download)

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The Gibson EB 5-String Bass Expansion Pack for Dimension Pro provides 16 outstanding bass presets.

Thanks to Gibson’s unique Tuned Coil Tap pickup technology, the EB 5-String provides eight distinct sounds that form the basis of a group of eight “Pure” sampled instruments. Eight additional "Growl" programs add a gritty overdrive to the eight pure sounds, for a total of 16 bass programs.

Each sound was painstakingly sampled in 24-bit resolution by Craig Anderton from a pristine example of Gibson's EB 5-String Bass. Each note for each sound was sampled individually, allowed to sustain (no looping), then trimmed judiciously for the optimum tradeoff between sustain and reasonable instrument size.

The Gibson EB 5-String Bass Expansion Pack showcases the musicality, realism, and technical excellence you’d expect from Craig Anderton—and then some. These sounds are a ‘must-have’ for any Dimension Pro owner who wants to incorporate the finest electric bass sounds possible into their productions.

Gibson EB-5 Neck+Tapped Bridge

Gibson EB-5 Neck+Bridge

Gibson EB-5 Tapped Neck
Gibson EB-5 Tapped Bridge Growl
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