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A newer version of Music Creator is now available!

Music Creator 6 Includes:
• Song construction kits with 1000+ music loops
• Dozens of project templates
• Studio Instruments Drums
• Cakewalk Sound Center
• IK Amplitube 3 CS (Guitar Amp)
• Matrix View (for drag and drop remixing)
• Audio and MIDI editing tools
• Instructional videos by Groove 3
• and much more!

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    This software is amazing! I first got music creator 3 along time ago and i wasn't impressed and i forgot all about it, but when i heard that 5 came out, i desisted to try it out. The sounds that it comes with are wonderful and it has plenty of tools that you can work with. All in all i recommend this to anyone!

    I just gog the program last weekend...I love it...the only thing i would say is play around with the program when you first buy it because it can be tricky to use...but other than that i love the progam....

    This product is awesome! I have done some shopping around and you WILL NOT find another program with the features available in music creator 5. It is slightly more complex than some other companies low price products, but that is because it has so much more to offer than any of the others. I can also attest to the customer service, Sony won't even talk to you unless you pay more for their support than the product, and others are pretty similar, not so with Cakewalk, They are incredibly fast to answer questions, knowledgable, courteous, friendly and above all else they don't make you feel like an idiot because you don't know the product as well as they do, (many bad experiences with many other companies that way) so my point is What are you waiting for... Buy this program and start enjoying it as much as I am. Don't waste your time looking, I have done that for you, this is the product that gives the MOST BANG for you buck than anything around. misic video dubovers, ton's of effects, excellent stability, awsome sound, ton's of mixing options, and then you can publish to the web, what more could you want??? BUY IT...LOL sorry a little excited there, but I mean it, this thing is GREAT, best regards to all... Doug aka zmanff
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