SONAR X3 Producer Upgrades (Download)

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Professional Recording, Mixing & Mastering
SONAR X3 Producer leaves other DAWs in the dust with industry leading technology, workflow enhancements, and best-in-class plug-ins. Edit and correct vocals like a pro with ARA integrated Melodyne Essential. Create the most realistic and authentic drums sounds with the full version of XLN Audio Addictive Drums. Get that epic, pro-sound that has defined the last 25 years of recording with the ProChannel - now with the QuadCurve EQ Zoom and analyzer for the ultimate precision. Get that vintage analog sound with the new ProChannel Tape Emulator and the Console Emulator. And it doesn’t stop there, Producer comes with additional ProChannel modules, effects and instruments like, BREVERB SONAR, Tube Saturation, Tone2 BiFilter 2, AAS Lounge Lizard Session, AAS Strum Acoustic Session, Dimension Pro, Rapture, and much more.

Key Features:
• Unlimited Audio & MIDI Tracks
• Unlimited effects, sends and busses
• NEW! Comping workflow & record mode
• NEW! ARA integrated Melodyne Essential
• NEW! Skylight Interface enhancements
• NEW! Color customizations
• NEW! Support for VST3 synths and effects
• NEW! Integrated Gobbler® save & share
• NEW! YouTube export
• NEW! XLN Audio Addictive Drums (Full)
• NEW! AAS Lounge Lizard Session
• NEW! AAS Strum Acoustic Session
• ProChannel console strip with 8 built-in effect modules (expandable!)
• ProChannel Console Emulator
• NEW! ProChannel Tape Emulator
• NEW! QuadCurve EQ Zoom with Analyzer
• NEW! 19 Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX
• NEW! Tone2 BiFilter 2
• Overloud TH2 Producer guitar amp suite
• BREVERB SONAR VST and ProChannel module
• Linear Phase Mastering plugins
• Total 57 FX including the Boutique Suite
• Total 23 instruments including Z3TA+ Classic, Dimension Pro, & Rapture
• Smart Tool & Smart Grid for hassle free audio & MIDI editing
• AudioSnap for timing control
• Program beats using the Step Sequencer
• Trigger real-time loops in the Matrix View
• Windows 8 touch screen support
• Share your music on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and now YouTube
• Pristine 64-bit/384KHz audio engine
• Includes all features in SONAR X3 Studio

System Requirements:
• Windows 7 or Windows 8
• Runs Native in 32/64-bit Windows
• Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.67 GHz / AMD Phenom Quad Core 9750 2.4 Ghz or higher
• 2 GB RAM
• 1280x800 minimum screen resolution
• 4.5GB for minimal install, 20GB recommended
• 6GB minimal download, 13GB total
• Broadband internet connection for download
• Gobbler requires internet connection
• XLN Audio Addictive Drums requires separate download and registration
• This download includes SONAR X3a

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If you are a first time customer, please see SONAR X3 Producer for New Customers (Download).
     SONAR X3 Producer Download:Site Price
    Upgrade from SONAR X2 Producer$149.00
    Upgrade from any SONAR Producer$199.00
    Upgrade from any SONAR Studio$299.00
    Upgrade from any other SONAR$319.00
    Upgrade for any registered customer$329.00


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