SONAR Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects - Video Tutorial (Download)

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The SONAR Advanced Workshop series is back with the brand new SONAR X2 Advanced Workshop: Producer Effects. SONAR expert Karl Rose takes you through a comprehensive look at the included effects in SONAR X2 Producer. Learn about many of the critically-acclaimed effects, ProChannel modules, and how they can improve your music production skills.

The video tutorial starts off with a basic introduction and how to and then quickly gets to a complete dissection of the included effects. Learn how each of the effects work, how they interact with each other, and how the affect the audio. EQ, compressors, gates, modulation, delay, and reverbs are all covered, as are amp simulators, saturation processors and channel strips. There's also in-depth explanation of how to set up tracks and busses for sidechaining, and parallel compression.

This video is perfect for beginners but also covers more advanced topics for the veteran users.


  • Nearly 5 hours of video tutorials
  • In-depth look at SONAR X2 Producer effects and ProChannel modules
  • Written by Karl Rose and officially endorsed by Cakewalk
  • View in any MPEG4 compatible player or device (QuickTime recommended)
  • Presented in HD at 1080p
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