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Sonitus:fx are a series of professional audio processing tools for digital audio editing, sound design, games, multimedia, film or studio work. These plug-ins have been enhanced with DirectX automation, and can be use with SONAR, Home Studio, Project5 or any application supporting DirectX or VST. The suite includes 10 effects: Delay, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Multiband Compressor, Reverb, Gate, Wah Wah, Modulator, Phase, Surround.

A variable-knee compressor, able to mimic the behavior of both hard- and soft-knee compressor units. Featuring both normal and vintage-style compression types, it offers both transparent and warm analog-sounding compression. An intuitive animated compression curve graph allows you to see the signal level, compression ratio and knee settings visually and you can tweak the curve directly using your mouse.

An advanced stereo delay with tempo sync. It features separate delay-lines for the left and right channels, and each delay-line can have different settings for delay time, factor, feedback, crossfeed between the left and right channels and dry/wet mix. The individually adjustable feedback and cross feed controls allows you to create very interesting rhythmic effects with little effort. All the left and right delay channel controls can also be linked together, making it much easier to adjust the parameters in relation to each other.

A dynamic gate with side-chain filtering and lookahead. Fx:gate features a tuneable Peak Punch mode that makes it possible to add transient punch to frequencies lacking in individual sounds, adding greater definition and presence to the gated signal. Using the variable high pass and low pass side chain filters enables you to perform "frequency conscious" gating. The gate can also be switched from Gating to Ducking mode for removal of clicks and pops.

Combines six time-varying modulation effects into one integrated plug-in. The Flanger can be used for everything from fat guitar sounds to tunneling sweeps, and even features analog tape flanging simulation. A more diffuse effect, the Ensemble mode is perfect for adding chorus and depth to horns, vocal parts or even a whole mix. The String Phaser is capable of creating effects reminiscent of sweeping analog synth strings. The new Phaser 6 and Phaser 12 modes allow you to choose beween a six or twelve stage phaser without the chorus effect used in the String Phaser mode. The last new mode, Tremolo, uses LFO waveforms to cycle the volume of the input audio signal.

Multiband Compressor:
A 5 band variable knee compressor with both normal and vintage-style compression modes that offer both transparent and warm analog-sounding compression. Each band contains an fx:compressor with individual visual and numeric control over threshold, ratio, knee, type, gain, attack and release parameters. The plug-in's crossover filter display allows you to adjust the gain and crossover frequencies for the five available bands. Like the fx:compressor plug-in, you can use the compression curve graph to see each band's signal level, compression ratio and knee setting, and it allows you to visually tweak the curve directly using your mouse.

Parametric EQ:
6-band parametric equalizer. It offers five different filter types that can be individually selected for each band, as well as settings for center/cutoff frequency, Q-factor and dB gain. The available filter types are: Lowpass, Highpass, Peak/Dip, Shelving Low and Shelving High filters. Each filter band can be boosted or attentuated +/- 18 dB. A master output gain setting with a range of +/- 24 dB is also provided for normalizing the signal amplitude after filtering.

A phase shifter / phase delay. It lets you arbitrarily adjust the phase of a sound. This allows to change the stereo image, avoid inverted phase situations or create stereo from a mono signal. Applications for fx:phase include stereo channel re-alignment, vocal removal, MS Matrix processing, center/surround encoding and a lot more.

fx:reverb implements a high-quality reverb algorithm. Reverb or reverberation is the effect of resounding echos in a room or other enclosed acoustic environment. fx:reverb emulates the phenomenon of sound being reflected off walls in a virtual room, and allows you to add reverb that resembles the character, decay and frequency response of various environments.

A surround sound panner with built-in doppler and attenuation rendering for distance and velocity effects, joystick control and graphical path editing. It creates a stereo signal containing encoded surround and center channel information for spatial positioning. fx:surround accepts both mono and stereo input signals for encoding. Manual surround panning can be done using either a mouse or common gameport joystick. Using the unique path feature, arbitrary panning paths for automatic time-based panning can also be created. Focal point rendering adds attenuation and doppler effects based on the panning motion, and is great for creating fly-bys and special effects.

Wah Wah:
A wahwah guitar effect emulator, modeled after real-life wahwah stomp boxes. fx:wahwah lets you define the filter settings for the low and high point in the wah envelope. It then offers three modes of morphing between these two settings to create the wahwah sound. Manual wah mode lets you control the wahwah action directly using a mouse, auto wah mode does it automatically by using a specified BPM tempo, while triggered wah mode uses a threshold level to trigger the wahwah effect and attack and release time parameters for the envlope.

Please Note: System Requirements
This download was intended for use with 32-bit versions of Windows 2000/XP. On 64-bit Windows Vista & Windows 7 it will only install as 32-bit plug-ins.

SONAR X1 Studio also includes the entire Sonitus Suite (as both 32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins) and is supported on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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    I bought this as a supplement to the Music Creator 5's effects. Well, I was very surprised by the thoughful, yet simple design and the amount of tweaking that you can achieve with each plugin. I'm using them now more often and are getting real useful.

    Great FX! They might look like old school FX, but they can still do magic on sounds!!!

    I got these with Sonar 8.5, and they are not only a great bonus, they're an essential tools. Delay: fully featured, very smooth and easy to get a great echo sound. Compressor: again, fully featured, very useful. Equalizer: full parametric with high and low shelving and filters. Great for surgical cuts and filtering. Gate: Frequency dependent! Good for isolating tom tracks. Multiband compressor: well-designed graphical interface, very transparent sounding. Reverb: very smooth. I haven't used the other effects yet. The interfaces are functional and not fancy or flashy: the mean business.
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