DSF: Vol 1-14

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Epic volumes of sounds for Dimension Pro and LE by Digital Sound Factory.
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Download This Collection Of Over 370 New Presets For Dimension Pro (200 Of Which Will Work In Dimension LE)
    Download This Collection Of Classic Keyboard Sounds From The 60's, 70's, 80's, And 90's Re-mastered For Cakewalk's Dimension Pro And Dimension LE
      Download This Collection Of Sampled Vocal Hooks, Synths, And Effects - Expansion For Dimension Pro And Dimension LE
        This is the original collection that it all. The legendary Ensoniq sampler expansion pack includes all the production content from the ASR, TS-10, and EPS samplers remastered for Dimension Pro & LE.
          Over 2 Gigs of Section/Solo Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Harp, Grand Piano, Choir, Mellotron, and synthesizers make up this unique collection. The sounds are fresh, yet aged to perfection, and will work great in any mix.
            An array of strings, winds, and percussion instruments from around the globe, including African melodic and percussion, Chinese and India winds, Russian strings, and steel percussion instruments.
              This expansion pack contains six complete drum kits recorded in professional studios. Gretsch, Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Ludwig, and Tama drum kits and percussion are multi-velocity layered to playback like the real kits.
                A collection of Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul, Steel String, Nylon String, Fender Bass, and more that will take your music to new levels.
                  This is a massive collection of pop, hip-hop, electronica, world, orchestral, and sound effects. It's a must-have expansion that will give you instant go-to sounds.
                    This vast assortment of sound effects was culled from the libraries of professional sound effects gurus. These sounds have been used in motion pictures, TV, and commercials. Themes include Science Fiction, Ambient, Animals, Transportation, Water, and more
                      Digital Sound Factory Atmospheric Energy is an expansion pack for Cakewalk's Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. This pack takes Dimensions programming power to the extreme.
                        Digital Sound Factory UltraModern Synthesizers is an expansion pack for Cakewalk's Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. With over 400 great synth programs, this expansion pack will make your music UltraModern!
                          Digital Sound Factory Vol. 13 Hip Hop Producer expansion pack download. Pick up where Mo' Phatt left off!
                            These instruments are ready to fire up your imagination and take your sound south of the border. Fuego Caliente is a collection of authentic Accordions, Guitars, Basses, Brass & Winds, Strings, Drums, and Percussion.
                              Digital Sound Factory Songwriters Collection - HD Expansion Pack download for Dimension Pro & LE. Over 2 GB of sounds with over 500 new programs.
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